Summary of the preaching

Sunday, September 24th 2023 – Apôtre Billey.

Revelation 19.13

He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. His name is the Word of God.

The beginning of all things is the word
The power to open the book of life is called the word.

Every Christian must make it a priority to know the Word. For it is the foundation of elevation, of victory over Satan, over demons, over the ancient serpent…
The Christian who neglects the word has neglected Jesus, in other words, he has neglected victory…which can only come from God.

Anyone who prays without the word is putting God outside. That’s why the world is in turmoil.
God’s word is essential.
To reach the level you want, it’s the ability to accept and practice God’s word.

Demons are not afraid of prayer, but of the word, for the word is Jesus himself.

If a Christian is overcome by fear, hesitation… He neglects prayer then his prayer is not hot and cannot be powerful.
It’s from words that feats are made.

The only way to show our love for the Lord is to keep his word, because by keeping his word we will be transformed and changed. In this way, we will be in the image of God.

So God gives us his word to be alive, powerful and sharp.

The only way to have God inside you is to accept the Word.
That’s why Christians need to pay close attention to the word, putting everything they have into it and listening without distractions, as they do at school or on television.
You can listen without accepting, accept without practicing.

How to get started
By taking action
** Let’s not forget that there is no new birth without the word. The only way God has given for sinners to be born again is through the word.
He who does not eat the word will weaken.

11/ We have victory over the world through the word of God in us.

For any Christian to be victorious over witchcraft, hatred, fear, failure, anger, unforgiveness, laziness…he must necessarily have the word.
It’s God’s word that gives us victory. Indeed, since God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are victorious, then we too are victorious, through the word.

1 John 2,14
I have written to you, fathers, Because you have known Him who is from the beginning. I have written to you, young men, Because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, And you have overcome the wicked one.

To have victory, it’s not just the Holy Spirit – But the Holy Spirit’s role is to guide us, to help us.
The Holy Spirit teaches us the word so that we may have victory. (John 14.26).
He is the spirit of light that the world cannot receive. (John 14.17)

He who does not keep the word is resisting the Holy Spirit.

To seek the Word is to provoke the presence of the Holy Spirit on one’s behalf.

On the other hand, if you seek the Holy Spirit without the word, he’ll bring you back to the word; because that’s what he’s there for – to educate us in the truth.

He who has the Holy Spirit, but does not eat the word, he will be weak. Therefore, the Holy Spirit, in his love, will urge this person to eat the word.

But if, in spite of everything, the Christian refuses to eat the word, there’s nothing else he can do; apart from continuing to encourage that Christian to eat the word.

He cannot even give his power to the person, for power is the Word.

The word is unlimited, great, powerful, but we are very limited and don’t know how to use it.
That’s why the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, has come to show us how to use it.

Revelation 12.11
And they overcame him because of the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

In the same word that makes us born again, it is the same word that makes us triumph.

1John 5.4
For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.

It is the word in the Christian that enables him to overcome the world, sadness, anguish, fear, weakness in prayer, weakness in praise…

For all these things manipulate joy, peace, faith, strength.
So, to dominate, you have to learn to have the word inside you.

Whoever has the word, it’s normal for the devil to be afraid of him, because the word is God.
He will tempt the person and that’s normal – even Jesus was tempted.

But what should you do in the face of temptation?

Those who have the word within them will know how to resist temptation, and will then be victorious. What’s more, they will be promoted by God.
There’s no victory without a fight. The battle is between evil and good.
So, if I have good in me and no evil in me – good being stronger than evil, I am victorious. But if I have evil in me and not good, I’ll be defeated.

So the only way to show that you have Jesus in your life – is to demonstrate that you have the Word inside you.
It’s not a question of going to church, being baptized… But of practicing the word.

Show this by your actions, attitudes, decisions, words, desires, thoughts, priorities, projects… In this way, we’ll know that you’re a child of God and not of the world.

We see people saying they are Christians, but yet their works are diabolical, criminal – they are immoral, jealous, practice abortion, adultery, fornication, fraud, wickedness, witchcraft…

When the heart doesn’t receive the word, we do completely unreasonable things…

You need to know your weaknesses to be freed from them. Our weaknesses come from the things we love.
The devil catches people by what they like – his bait is what the person likes: sleep, food, money, television, the Internet…

The enemy will do anything to connect you to the things you love.
Whoever loves to lie, the devil will lead him to lie. The same goes for fraud, hatred…

What to do?
It’s looking for what the Lord says about money, hatred, lies, anger, fraud… And putting into practice what God says.

God must be the favorite and the priority of our lives.

We need to be known for our love of each other and our love of God because Jesus is in us.

There is no peace, no joy, no life without Jesus. If you neglect the word, you won’t have all that.

Beloved, if we practice the word, miracles will multiply among us.


God’s word is in me.
Lord, your name is great in my life.
Your word is my food.
I am a child of God.

Lord Jesus, you are in me
In the name of the word within me,
I am strong, I am healed, I am delivered.
Authority and power are in me.
I am victorious.

I am blessed, my week is blessed.
Starting today, I’ve decided to walk the talk;
I decide to practice speaking.
Holy Spirit, help me in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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