Summary of the preaching

Sunday, September 17, 2023 – Apostle Billey.

We can’t live without God’s word – it’s essential.
If there’s anything to have in your life in this world, it’s the word.

Indeed, God’s word is powerful.
A man can hurt another person with his words, but he can also do good.

If you see someone demoralized, it’s because of the word that person has heard.
If you notice that someone has lost their courage – that’s the word you’ve heard.

Since God created us in His image, even the word of a man has power.

With our words, we can build or destroy someone’s life.

Christians need to know this, and be careful what and how they listen.

Know that even the one who loves you can hurt you by talking to you.

Let’s be careful with our words, so we don’t have to be like the pagans, for we are ambassadors for Christ, the mouth of Christ…
That’s why everything we hear or say must be inspired by the Holy Spirit.

– One man’s word can destroy.

A 17/18-year-old girl met a young man who made advances towards her. He did everything he could to convince her that she was the woman of his life for eternity.

Skeptical at first, but in the end, she accepted the boy’s proposals.
Some time later, she became pregnant and the man broke up with her.

Then she collapsed, lost her taste for life and decided to end her life.
So she drank several tablets and killed herself.
That’s how a word from this man, who is still alive, led to the death of this young girl.

– And a man’s word can lift.

Indeed, a person’s word can also do good.
A young man of around twelve who found it very difficult to express himself.

To say a single sentence, it was complicated for him. As a result, he was constantly rejected and mocked by his friends. He was full of complexes and unhappy.
But one day, a man of God caught sight of him and was able to perceive qualities in him.

He started giving him advice – explaining, for example, that when he wanted to talk, he could take his time… – He complimented him by saying, you’re a great personality – the people who make fun of you today will need you tomorrow…

This man of God helped him regain his confidence and prayed for him at the same time. As a result, his discomfort began to diminish and he was delivered.

He was able to reach university, got his Master’s degree and started working as a senior civil servant.

** What did this young man do?

A person’s word.

The bad words he received at the start made his condition deplorable and wanted to destroy him.
But someone who understood the power of the word gave him some kind words, and everything changed in the young man’s life.

We can do a lot with our words. And God only wants us to do good.

So if a man’s word can resurrect a destiny – how much more so the word of God himself?

Beloved, consider this:
God’s word is a mystery – and if we make an effort to understand the mystery behind God’s word then we who were wretched can rise again because God’s word will deliver us, restore us, lift us to the position God wants…

Never listen to your enemies – they’ll never encourage you – and even if they do, it’s a trap.

Listen only to God’s word – listen to those God uses to speak to you.

Don’t compare God’s word with money or all the treasures of this earth – God’s word is powerful.

8/ God’s word is powerful and alive.

Hebrews 4.12-13

12 For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

13 And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.

This passage further confirms that God’s word is alive and effective and sharp.
And it is for us Christians that the word is given, so that it may be active in our lives.
It is capable of penetrating the human mind.

** God’s word is alive.

In other words, God’s word has everything it needs to give life.
A person is alive when he can move, act, speak…

Someone who is discouraged is because he has taken his eyes off the vision God has given him.
Discouragement is simply a symptom.

Oppression, sadness are signs of someone who has desires contrary to those of the Holy Spirit.
But when the word is received in the heart, communion with that word will act effectively to change the situation.

The Word in you will enable you to dominate over the works of the devil – knowing that he can use all kinds of subterfuge to try to get to you.

However, if you allow the word to enter you – it’s God himself who is with you – so God’s power is available to you.
When the Christian is unhappy, it’s himself who allows it, because he has decided to put the word aside.
The absence of God’s word makes the world dark.

** God’s word is powerful.

Because – it’s connected to God himself and can make all evil, all sadness disappear…
Then those who receive the word receive life and power that delivers them completely.

John 8.32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

How does the devil attack?
It attacks the soul.

And it will install in the person’s life everything that belongs to it: fear, pride, doubt, division, jealousy…
And that person will begin to manifest the works of the devil: anguish, unforgiveness, doubt, rebellion…

– If you’ve ever experienced a breakup – this pain isn’t physical – but it hurts like hell.

It’s the soul that’s been attacked.

And the consequences are often bitterness, sadness, discouragement…
Drugs can’t solve this – there’s only the word of God.

But if that person doesn’t come to Jesus, it’s going to be complicated.
That’s why, before entering into a marriage, the system of faith and destroyed trust must first be restored – otherwise, in the new relationship it will be the same thing.

But in Christ, old things have passed away and all things have become new.
And when you enter the marriage with that strength, you’ll succeed.

The road to power must not be neglected.
No man can deliver, only Jesus can.
Those who receive his word benefit from this power.

** God’s word is sharp.

Someone with anger in his heart, bitterness, cursing…

How can these ailments leave a person’s life?
Through words.

In the same way that surgeons can cut things out of the body and separate the evil from the rest of the body.
The word is thus capable of separating us from the darkness if we receive it.

Words can take away fear, pain, sadness…

Every word of God is an opportunity for deliverance and elevation to God.

The devil’s role is to make the Christian distracted so that he doesn’t pay attention, to make him forget the word….

Any Christian who neglects the word will be a religious.

That’s why when God releases his word, it’s to deliver us, provided we receive it wholeheartedly.
And how sharp the word is – it will deliver and save you. So, from the moment you receive it, the darkness of your life will capitulate – whatever the problem in your home, work, church…

God is in us – God is in you – By praying based on this received word, the Lord will deliver you.

**Don’t forget this:
Similarly, a man and a woman cannot unite/marry – without exchanging their words – in order to live together for all their lives.

Likewise, every time we receive the word, we become strong to destabilize the works of darkness, knowing that when we speak to God – the communication is direct.

A person has gone to court to deliberate on an offence. The judge then looked up the applicable sentence in the book of sentences and punishments.

Based on the provisions of this book, the judge declared the penalty, detailing the amount of the fine to be paid.
In this way, the judge has exercised his authority.
But we are authorities established by God to exercise our authority in Jesus’ name.

Beloved, the secret is the word. There is no powerful or fervent prayer without the word. For at the foundation of prayer, there must be the word.
He who has received the word is one with the Lord – you are an authority, exercise your authority!



Lord, you are God – you are mighty
You are my shepherd, you are my King
You are the Truth
You are Life.
I’m one with you.

Your word is alive,
Your word is in me,
In Jesus’ name – I am victorious.

I declare my victory over all that is built against my life,
my home, my children, my work…

Lord, you are my God for eternity
In the name of Jesus – Christ of Nazareth.

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