Hebrews 9:22 And almost everything, according to the law, is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.

According to the law of God, in order for sin to be forgiven and blotted out, blood must absolutely be shed for that person.

From ancient times to the present day, this law remains.

  • When Adam sinned, the Lord took an animal and sacrificed it, the blood of an animal was shed to cover their iniquity. And he put them on.

Genesis 3:21 The LORD God made garments of skins for Adam and his wife, and clothed them.

  • Abel and Cain made their offerings. The offering that was accepted was that of the sacrifice of an animal.
  • Noah leaving the ark offered an animal sacrifice on the altar to the Lord, which he accepted.

Genesis 8, 21 And the Lord smelled a soothing aroma. Then the Lord said in His heart, “I will never again curse the ground for man’s sake…

  • Abraham too was tested to sacrifice his only son, and he did not hesitate to do so. The Lord saw his heart and a ram was sacrificed instead – a blood sacrifice.
  • In the time of Moses, to be forgiven, it was necessary to offer an animal as a sacrifice of atonement (Leviticus 1,4)

And this until the time of John the Baptist when he had the revelation of, Jesus come as the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world.

  • Jesus redeemed us by shedding his blood, that’s why he is the lamb of God, the sacrifice.

The blood of Jesus is powerful and valid to forgive and wash away all sin no matter how bad the iniquity. As soon as we wholeheartedly accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, we are forgiven by his blood.

Without shedding of blood, it is therefore impossible to be forgiven in order to receive life.

It is the only way to be saved.

Let us pray:
Lord, you loved me so much, you saved me by giving your life. Thank you for your blood that flowed for me.

I ask you to forgive me for all my iniquities, for all my offenses.

I receive your blood in my life, on my heart, in my mind. 

May every spirit of darkness attached to my life be removed in Jesus' name.

May every spirit of guilt be destroyed in the name of Jesus. 

I declare that: I am saved by the blood of Jesus,

I am forgiven and justified by the blood of Jesus. 

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we pray. Amen!
Forgiven by the blood of Jesus

April 30, 2022


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