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The mind and the Word of God (suite n.7).

1 Peter 1.23

having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, through the word of God which lives and abides forever.

(1John 1.1 -1Thessalonians 2.13 – Prov 30.5 – Isaiah 40.8)

Faith is essential – Without faith, it’s impossible to be pleasing to God. (Hebrews 11:6). And an active faith in God – used.

What is faith?

It’s a great conviction that needs to be active.

Faith is having absolute confidence in what God can do – what He has done and what He is capable of doing; and knowing these things, we keep a firm trust in God.

Someone can believe in God, but not have faith.

Belief is based on what we’ve already seen or heard.

Those who believe need evidence, but faith is beyond belief, because it goes beyond what we see.

Example – We don’t need faith to eat a mango, because we’ve already seen the fruit and heard its benefits.

But faith doesn’t need proof, it boldly bases itself on what God says. Faith is full of risks.

For those who have faith, God manifests Himself on a higher level in their lives than for those who simply believe.

In Jesus, we have faith, and faith is enough to do great things.

Faith comes from God’s word – from what God releases – what God vomits out.

Who is the Word? Jesus

In the case of the disciples in Luke chapter 17, it was their human way of conceiving that opposed the Word.

We must therefore remove the human way of seeing things from our lives.

Consider this:

If, during a warm season, God says it’s going to snow tonight, what are we going to think?

If you listen with your head, you’ll think, that’s not possible, because it’s the summer season, and so on.

However, by rejecting the human conception, we’re going to rely on what God says, because He created everything and everything belongs to Him – so we get ready to spend the evening under the snow by warning our loved ones.

God is not in human logic. His thoughts are not our thoughts – his ways are not our ways.

Our thoughts must converge with our hearts on the Word of God.

To deliver us, God chose Abraham and Sarah, to show his ability. He knew that Sarah was sterile and already old. And that’s when Abraham was about 100 and Sarah nearly 90 when they had Isaac.

God’s logic has nothing to do with human logic.

We need to change our way of seeing things when it comes to God. Where everyone else says, it’s impossible, we say, it’s possible, and stand firm on what God tells us, whatever the situation.

That’s what we call “moving mountains” – on a supernatural level.

Faith comes from the Word, and that Word is not dead – it’s alive.

It’s the living who can take action, who act… A dead man can’t give life to a tree, but God has allowed the tree to live and bear fruit…

And God’s life is in us when we receive His Word. This same God allowed everything to exist.

And when we accept that God enters us – that’s when everything becomes possible for us.

For the contact of the Word with our spirit will create faith and the One who is Alive in us – that’s the Word.

But He can do anything. And since I have faith in Him, this is how I can perform all kinds of actions according to Him, because I can already see what is not yet.

In fact, faith opens my eyes, allowing me to see what others don’t, and then leading me to operate on a supernatural level.

Faith delivers us from spiritual blindness so that we can perceive what we can receive through the Word. We let ourselves be led by what’s inside us.

When a person is driving a car, is the destination written on the car?

No, it’s written in his heart – and he drives with his final destination in mind.

In the same way, when I walk with God, it’s not I who do, but it’s the Living Word that works in me. The destination is in the heart – it’s the Word that leads it.

Whoever learns to live like this, nothing will be impossible, even in adversity, even in trouble. And even these problems are designed to make things even more beautiful.

When a Christian encounters problems, don’t insult or criticize him; but know that it’s all for the glory of God.

And if this Christian, during these difficulties, stays on God’s path and continues to follow God’s Word in Him – it will be an end like Job’s.

Job remained firmly attached to the Word, never letting go. He didn’t let his thoughts deter him, despite the pressure around him.

Then God gave him victory. His friends, who accused him, were totally confused. Everything he had lost was completely restored and multiplied by the Lord. (Job 42.10-17)

God is the giver of life – anything that is not of God in our thoughts must be destroyed.

Beloved, you have received the incorruptible seed. God’s Word doesn’t change – it’s alive.

1 Peter 1.23

having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, through the word of God which lives and abides forever.

God is in you – don’t pollute his temple with sin – with evil thoughts.

So, every day, we must live with Him and realize that He is present within us.

The temple must be inhabited by the Word, otherwise it can be inhabited by evil spirits.

It’s important to be able to discern the enemy’s voice so as to be able to reject his suggestions.

The voice of a spirit is heard only in the realm of the spirit.

It can speak to one person, and only that person hears.

Spiritual laws are different from physical laws.

Physically, if someone is 1 km away from us, their voice won’t be heard because they’re so far away.

But a spirit even thousands of miles away, we can hear it.

It’s important to note that just because I don’t see a physical person around me doesn’t mean I’m alone.

That’s a mistake, because we’re never alone.

Despite the fact that Jesus is in us, the devil is on the prowl to see if he can connect with us to do us harm.

1 Peter 5.8 Be sober and watchful. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he will devour.

Even when two Christians are talking, the enemy is on the prowl to find a loophole. And if the friends quarrel, he’ll take advantage to incite them to evil with his thoughts.

**We are spied upon by the kingdom of darkness.

So we need to be vigilant and not be ignorant of this. They can only connect with us if we accept what they tell us – in our thoughts.

For example, if you’ve planned to pray, and when it’s time to pray, that’s when you’ll have thoughts urging you to go to sleep – showing you’re extremely tired…

Or when your child does something wrong – if you speak harshly to him or her, using insulting words – the enemy, who is always on the prowl, will use your words to hurt that child.

Brothers, we’re used to paying attention to the presence of physical people – but let’s know that wicked spirits have no bodies.

So let’s learn to discern their voices when we receive evil thoughts, suggestions, inspirations…

So what should we do?

The Christian must be one with God. We need to make sure we’re connected to the Word on a daily basis.

Let’s make sure that everything we do and say is in line with the Word.

Let’s watch our thoughts during our conversations, even when we’re on the phone. Let’s pray on every occasion. Let’s keep communion with Christ continually in our hearts and thoughts every day.


Lord, thank you for your presence in me.

Be blessed in me

Be exalted in Jesus’ name.

Take first place in me.

Domine in the temple.

May your presence in the temple be total.

Deliver me from all confusion.

Let every evil seed, let every corruption of the world that is against thee be taken away.

And may my faith in you be firm in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Thank you Lord Jesus.

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