Matthew 27:33  And when they had come to a place called Golgotha, that is to say, Place of a Skull.


When I was in the Mount Golgotha 2022 program, wonderful things happened to my life.
I could not imagine when I arrived, all that happened, possible. I used to be an animist. And as I prayed following the pastor’s instructions, I saw three generations pass before me: my father, grandfather and great-grandfather.  Although I did not know my grandfather, let alone his father before him. And saw all kinds of idols that affected my life.

So, I understood that alliances had been made with ancestral spirits over my life to such an extent that I had even been given in marriage to my father.
After the prayer, I was very tired in my body but I was filled with an immense joy.
And since then, some of my children who were not talking to me, started talking to me again. My younger brother who was not taking my calls, called me this week.

The Lord rescued me in a mighty way during this program, I give Him all the glory! Golgotha is truly the place of judgment for all our enemies!

Sr C.

If you too are going through trouble, confusion, abandonment, rejection, shame, etc., know that Jesus is able to get you out of it because he is LIFE. Do not wait.

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